Fjellpulken - Ekspedisjoner for store og små gjennom mer enn 50 år!

Våre produkter har i over 50 år vær med på å levere turglede til friluftsglade mennesker verden over. Alt i fra barnefamilier med smånurk til beksømseige ekspedisjonsfolk med opplevelsestrang langt utover det folk flest ville kalle normalt har benyttet seg av Fjellpulkens produkter for å realisere sine opplevelser. Gjennom årene er det solgt godt over 100 000 barnepulker og flere titusner av våre andre modeller. Det er vi ganske stolte av for det sier noe om tilliten våre kunder har til oss og hvordan våre produkter leverer - og er ikke så helt verst for et produkt som ble konstruert i en kjeller på Nordre-Ål i Lillehammer 1963.

For oss her hos Fjellpulken har det alltid vært av høyeste prioritet å lage produkter som er helt i toppsjiktet rent sikkerhetsmessig og av gjennomgående høy kvalitet. Dette skal gjelde alle våre produkter, uansett om vi snakker om en barnepulk som skal ivareta småbarns ferdsel ute på skitur eller om det er en ekspedisjonspulk som skal få folk trygt frem gjennom isødet. Også våre seler og drag, samt sekker og bager har akkurat samme krav til seg i forhold til soliditet.

Dette har vi klart samtidig som vi alltid har hatt fokus på å gi produktene et sportslig, pent og funksjonelt design, noe som blant annet har kommet til syne gjennom to tildelinger av "Merket for god design", som deles ut av Norsk Designråd.

Vi lover at vi skal fortsette å utvikle og utvide vårt sortiment med gode produkter for å gi deg en enda bedre tur over fjell og vidder.

Hilsen oss hos Fjellpulken


Our Mission Statement

Montane engineers innovative, lightweight, breathable clothing and equipment for endurance sports and activities in extreme environments

About Montane

Montane has become synonymous with lightweight and breathable clothing and equipment. The first to truly push the limits of single layer mountain clothing with the Extreme Smock and then, later realising the true value of windproof clothing, creating the first super packable, windproof and breathable windshirt; The Featherlite Smock. The Featherlite was probably the most functional and innovative piece of windproof garment design since Fridtjof Nansen, whilst planning the first crossing of Greenland over 100 years ago, realised that the windproof-ness of garments was the secret to moving quickly and comfortably in the mountains.

The importance of functionality in garments and packs does not stop at product design alone. Fabric technology is critical to producing the best products, Montane works with the world's leading fabric suppliers to engineer new cutting-edge materials that push the boundaries of what is possible with clothing, equipment and accessories in order to create the lightest, toughest and most functional products available on the market.

For over 21 years Montane has worked closely with serious mountain professionals working in hostile conditions across the globe as a proving ground for garment design. From the British Antarctic Survey to British Mountain Rescue Teams. Professionals who demand the toughest credentials from their clothing and equipment choose Montane.

Endurance expeditions and athletes are critical in the development of our garment designs ensuring Montane? clothing is fit for purpose. They are our reason to be, and critical within our design processes. From unsupported ventures to the North Pole, smash and grab route attempts on the North Face of the Eiger to high profile scientific work in the high Arctic, all of these athletes help Montane develop clothing that will withstand the harshest of conditions both physiologically and environmentally.

Where are the contemporary limits of endurance? They are in ultras. Imagine this: you've run 256 miles across the frozen Canadian Yukon. You've experienced consistent -30C and felt the low of -40C, you're cold and alone and you still have 174 miles to go to the finish line....stay focused. In July you've ran 60 miles of toughest trails in the British Lake District, some of the cruellest terrain underfoot in Europe. You've just left the warmth of a friendly checkpoint and as you step out into the cold pouring rain, peer into the darkness and contemplate the terrain ahead, you realise you have 40 miles left until the finish line. From the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra to the Montane Lakeland 100, this is one of the main areas where we believe endurance is being tested to the absolute limit and where Montane products thrive.



Eliza Törnkvist and David Ekelund ran a small footwear company that they had started together a few years earlier, when David had decided to abandon journalism and join his designer mother to help her finally get proper return on creativity (not just making more business savvy people rich with her ideas).

The concept was simple: Design, develop, sell and then produce shoes together with Vanbestco, a Taiwanese partner, for Scandinavian brands and chains. And the target was pretty straight forward too, at least for David, make a million dollars, then retire to write novels without having to worry about selling any books.

The somewhat unlikely couple was successful and the business was thriving. Still as constant market pressure meant having to lower the quality and the originality, counting money wasn’t very fulfilling. Frustration of not being allowed to make the best possible footwear was getting impossible to ignore. So, together with Vanbestco, they decided to start their own brand. Eliza’s expertise had always been in outdoor winter sports, being part of the Swedish wave of brands revolutionizing skiwear in the 80’s, and inventing the concept wintertrek – light, yet warm footwear with an insulating layer in the sole – for footwear in beginning of the 90’s, when warm still meant heavy. This was late 1999, and there was still not a lot of really good winter footwear around. There was definitely a place for something better, but exactly what remained to be carved out.

Founded in 1985 in the United States, PNY, whose European headquarters is based in France, celebrates more than 30 years of success as a supplier of electronic solutions for several high-growth markets, thus making it a unique player in the market. .

Historically leader in the field of memory, the company addresses the markets of the photo, video and mobile telephony by proposing complete solutions of flash memory cards and accessories.

A privileged partner of NVIDIA for over 15 years, PNY brings the latest GPU technologies to the integration, gaming and professional applications markets for areas such as medical, aeronautics and automotive. ..

More recently, the professional part of PNY has been able to evolve its offer towards high value-added solutions in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Today, the company is present in more than 50 countries.