Scott Gilmour

Expedition Guide & Photographer

Scott has worked and participated in numerous expeditions within the Arctic & Siberia. Highlights include skiing to the Geographic North Pole, setting the record for an unsupported traverse of Lake Baikal in March 2018 (with Mike and Rob) and skiing the Kungsleden self-supported in winter (14 days).

He currently works as an expedition guide in Arctic Lapland.

His photographic work has been featured on magazine covers, used in advertising campaigns and he is a brand ambassador for PNY Technologies Europe.

Scott is one of the creators of the MONTANE® Spine® Race. One of the world's toughest endurance races.


Mike Stevenson

Ultra Runner / ADVENTURER & Bolton Mountain Rescue

Mike’s interest in the outdoors started at an early age spending his formative years hiking, kayaking and mountain biking in his native Lancashire & Cumbria. Mike has completed numerous endurance challenges such as the UK’s famous AW Coast to Coast route, MONTANE® Spine® Race and MONTANE® Lakeland 100.

His experience of extreme cold travel started in Arctic Lapland, Sweden. An environment in which he excelled and an experience which broadened his horizons. Baikal’s record crossing was his first major cold weather expedition, but certainly not his last.

Mike has ambitions of reaching the Polar Regions including the Geographic Poles. His dream is to complete an unsupported crossing of Antarctica via the pole.

Despite all the endurance challenges and accomplishments he still describes his step into rehab as his toughest challenge. His continued clean and sober life his greatest achievement. He has been linked to a number of voluntary and charitable organisations such as Wigan Youth Zone, Amy Winehouse Foundation and Bolton Mountain Rescue, providing his time, help and support.

Mike is an active member of Bolton Mountain Rescue where he is an operational team member with nearly 3 years of service.